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f you are unsure of which type of clinic your student should attend, please contact your regional field service specialist.

 Area Served Field Services Specialist   Phone Email 
 Southeast Region Julie Ituarte 913-945-0769 jituarte@kssdb.org
 Northeast/KC Metro Region Judy Imber 913-305-3043 jimber@kssdb.org  
 Central/North Central Region Anna Cyr 913-645-5324  acyr@kssdb.org
 South Central Region Debbie Moody 913-982-7712  dmoody@kssdb.org
 Western Region: Menely Hogan  913-645-2659 mhogan@kssdb.org
Or contact

Project Coordinator
Judy Imber
, KLK Coordinator 
Kansas State School for the Blind
1100 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102
(913) 305-3043
E-Mail: jimber@kssdb.org


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